Everything we create is based on you

The essence of interior design will always be people

Formidable designs combine comfort and beauty with efficiency and safety. We combine all technical knowledge with art.


Whenever you enter a hotel or hotel, you’ll probably notice how the space is structured and prepared to solve your needs on a subconscious level. Then, it may have occurred to you which concept was used to create the chosen design to highlight the importance of these elements. It is up to us, NL Decor, to think about all these aspects in order to ensure the necessary fluidity. Through our extensive experience, with more than 30 years, we count on our specialized technicians to make your space functional and practical.
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Health and Wellness

The purpose of NL Decor is to create a unique space adapted to the requirements and expectations of both the client and the visitor. All our projects aim to create environments that provide a harmonious SPA experience combined with functionality. We carried out a whole detailed planning, with special attention to the necessary technical facilities and the concept of the establishment so that, in the end, it can provide all the tranquility, relaxation and quiet features of this type of place.
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Creating the space, a restaurant resembles the act of creating a narrative, in which all the steps, from the choice of layout to the palette of colors, materials, furniture, and lighting, are taken into account to complete the perception that will exist in the experience of those who attend it. Thanks to a multidisciplinary and experienced team, NL Decor guarantees the development of areas that complement the menu and architectural structure of the space, which will make each meal a tasting experience in all senses.
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The details differentiated spaces, just like others works of art. When it comes to business spaces, NL Decor knows that every detail (such as light, organization, a division between sections to relax and to work) is essential to producing an aesthetically pleasing place that receives its users in a welcoming way. All these aspects build together an environment that tends to have a considerable impact on how the meetings and activities take place in these rooms.
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We see creativity as a sensory experience

We started as a department in an architectural firm, which gradually became an independent and specialized firm due to the demand of its services

Since 1987, we have been involved in hotel projects, commercial spaces, wellness, catering, conferences, and others. Our multifaceted experience, coupled with the fact that we work on international projects, contributed to our team’s increased versatility and efficiency

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Drawing for you since 1987


Why Us

Our goal is to idealize what you want and make it real


We design projects and solutions, seeking to combine ergonomics and functionality, as well as detailed cost control to allow customizable choices within the desired style.

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History / Integration

We have many years of experience in the sector, which nurture our ability to design useful and pleasant spaces while respecting their own history.

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We adapt places, always including an artistic aspect and incorporating works of art, some specifically made for the site itself.

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Sustainability / Materiality

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact in our projects, opting whenever possible to use sustainable materials.

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Knowledge is a universal asset of Mankind and it is thanks to this that we are able to help our customers reach their potential

NL Decor is always inovating itself and learning, therefore don't lose any updates
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